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Any person who elects to attend this traffic violator school shall sign a copy of the following consumer disclosure statement prior to the payment of the school fee and starting course instruction by ticking the appropriate box:

Course content is limited to traffic violator curricula accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Students who wishes to take this course may include traffic offenders, repeat traffic offenders, adults and teenagers, and those who have and those who have not been referred by a court. Instructor training, business regulatory standards, and Vehicle Code requirements of traffic violator schools are not equal to the training, standards, and Vehicle Code requirements of licensed driving schools (California Vehicle Code Section 11200(b)(1))."

In the case of a minor who elects to attend a traffic violator school, the minor’s parent or guardian shall sign on behalf of the minor by ticking the appropriate box below.

A copy of each signed disclosure statement shall be retained by National Driving and Traffic School for a minimum of 36 months.

Pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 11205 of the California Vehicle Code, National Driving and Traffic School shall give to every person who attends this course, upon successful completion of the course work (lesson plan) and passing the final examination, a receipt indicating successful completion

A completion receipt shall not be issued or completion information provided to a court for any person who:

  1. Does not meet the length of course requirement
  2. Has not passed the final examination and has either not taken a second exam or has taken and not passed the second examination
  3. Has not completed and turned in the form OL767